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Courses Offered

Traditional and Classical Piano Study:

Carl Has been giving piano instruction at the Waukesha County Conservatory of Music since 1997.  Experience includes 22 years of touring in rock and show groups. 17 years of playing piano bar jazz piano and over 16 years of piano instruction at Hartland Music.  Traditional contemporary and classical piano instruction is offered for beginner to intermediate levels.

Jazz and Blues Improvisation and Contemporary Rock and Fake
Book chord study.

As a professional jazz pianist Carl has mastered many styles of improvisational piano. Having spent over 20 years traveling and playing in rock and show groups and 15 years as a solo jazz pianist he has acquired expertise in the many kinds of chord voicing s and improvisation used in pop and rock. He has also had extensive study in blues and jazz
As the blues, jazz and rock instructor at the Waukesha County Conservatory of Music he has spent 17 years establishing and refining a curriculum which emphasizes the theory needed to execute chord voicing and improvisation in these styles. The curriculum emphasizes music theory improvising both through modality and major-minor system.

Music Computer Theory

Theory is a course to study music theory concepts . Simply put, the program is a unique way of combining computer skills, a digital keyboard interfaced into a computer and music theory software to learn basic music theory concepts. Through this study the student will learn scales, intervals, chord structures, chord progressions and more both visually and aurally .

Music Technology

A unique way to study melody, harmony and rhythm by doing a multi track recording of an original or favorite song . The student takes the song from initial production and arranging to final mixing and mastering. By playing each instrument track (drums, bass piano, guitar and any number of synths and other instrument samples ) the student gets an overview of recording techniques and music theory and arranging. A fun way to learn how music harmony, melody and rhythm work together.

Computer Music Theory…

Computer music theory is a unique way to study the fundamentals of music. Through the use of music theory computer programs combined with a keyboard interfaced into the computer the student will cover many music theroy topics. This is a fun and easy way for the student to master many music theory concepts in short amount of time.

Topics include…   Note Reading, Interval Recognition, Key Signature Recognition,  Scale Study, Chord Structure, Ear Training, and many more.

Natalie working on Music Computer Theory

Natalie working on Music Computer Theory

Music Technology

 The student learns about the three elements of music “rhythm, melody and harmony”. By producing their own project, the student gets a greater understanding of how these elements function together. They learn how to fit rhythms, melodies and harmonies together by arranging them methodically in their song. This allows the student to acquire an understanding of music theory concepts in greater depth then by simply studying them or doing theory exercises. Music Composition which is also emphasized in the Music Technology Course

Jack working on Music Technology

Jack working on Music Technology


Student Projects Music Technology